Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the deadline to submit a nominee for the Hall of Fame? For the 2015 Class … August 1, 2014.

A: Where can a nomination form be obtained and to whom do we submit a nominee? You can call Charlie Vaughan (956-778-2688) to obtain a nomination form & discuss the information needed for the nomination. You can also click on “Contact Us” found on this website, and request a form be sent to you.

Q: What is the minimum age to be nominated? 40 years old.

A: How many nominees are in the “pool” now & how many get selected each year? As of September 2013, we have 74 nominees. The selection committee & the Board of Directors honors about 7 to 8 inductees each year.

Q:Once a person is nominated, how long is he or she in the “pool” of nominees, if not selected?

A: The nominees remain in the pool indefinitely at this time. There has been discussion to remove a nominee from the “pool” after a certain number of years, but nothing has been voted on to do so for now.

Q: How can a person become a dues paying member of the RGV Sports Hall of Fame?

A: You can send a check for $15 or more to:
RGV Sports Hall of Fame
5717 Brazilwood Court
Harlingen, TX. 78552-2027